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Thoughts after the debate...I'm optimistic!
Written by Blake Brewer on October 2nd, 2020
Call me a “glass half full” kinda guy but I was pretty optimistic after the debate on Tuesday!
Everyone saw what they came for...Trump’s antics, Biden doesn’t know his own policies, and the moderator with some “gotcha” questions. It’s what we all expected!
Except this time it feels a little different. Like more people than ever turned a corner.
It seems as if the general sentiment is “that’s the best we got?” and people are nervous about the future.
But here is why I’m optimistic…
It’s obvious that the next president of the United States is not going to fix our problems. To be fair to our candidates, they never were. But that’s the point.
Presidents don’t raise up the next generation. Fathers and mothers do.
As the family does well, the community does well. As the community does well, the nation and the world does well.
Now that it is obvious that there is little hope in Washington or any politician for that matter..
I’m excited to see fathers place our future and their hopes and dreams onto their family and what really matters...and I’m sure there’s a bunch of children that are too! :)
Can you imagine a world 20 or 30 years from now where an entire generation was raised by fathers that connected with their children at the level that was needed?
In all of my research, there is no one that can breathe more life and hope into an individual, outside of God himself, than a father.
I’m committed to doing everything I can to help fathers connect at the level they really want to connect.
Let’s go do it!

P.S. If you are a father that resonates with this message, join me and many other fathers for the 5 Day FatherUp Challenge in late October. While the rest of the country watches the dumpster burn, we’ll be taking action towards what really matters! :) 

About the Author: Blake Brewer

Blake has proudly married to his wife Amanda.  They live in Tulsa, OK and are busy raising their two young kids - GracieKate and Bo - with a third on the way!

Blake is passionate about helping fathers connect with their children.  He committed to helping 1 million fathers in the next 10 years write at least one meaningful, well written letter to their children...a Legacy Letter. 
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